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Thank you all for a fantastic conference!
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Tobias Hamfeldt i summing up the day.
15 Sep: Summary day two – the future of auditing

On Wednesday we moved on from the individual perspective to the future of auditing – new methods, experimental approaches, how data analysis can be used and how new technology can help streamline auditing.


Elite Palace Hotel
Sankt Eriksgatan 115
113 43 Stockholm, Sweden


Monday to Thursday
12 September  to 15 September 


For delegates who signed up in advance

Welcome and introduction
Transportation to Old Town
Guided tour and time to enjoy Old Town
Transportation to Luma Eatery

Dress code: Casual

Transportation back to Elite Palace Hotel, Sankt Eriksgatan 115
Official opening of the conference

09:05 – 09:15 Welcome address

09:15 – 09:35 Introductory address

09:35 – 10:00 Presentation of the theme and practical information

The individual auditor – inspirational lecture
Parallel session – Personal development

1.1 Practicing feedback

1.2 Hierarchies and master suppression techniques

1.3 Managing stress at work

Parallel session – The SAI of the future

2.1 Future working environment at SAIs

2.2 Internal communication in crisis situations

2.3 Experimenting sustainability

How to support new and young employees at a SAI

Presentations from SAI Finland, SAI Slovenia, and SAI Switzerland

Summary of the day
Cocktail reception
Panel discussion: Experimental culture and the future of auditing

Mikael Halápi, Head of the Performance Audit Department, SAI Sweden

Peter Rostedt, Senior International Advisor at the International Department, SAI Sweden

Karin Holmerin, Audit Director at the Financial Audit Department, SAI Sweden

Moderator: Vanessa Liu, SAI Sweden

Parallel session – Experimental methods in auditing

3.1 Data analysis in financial auditing

3.2 Applying interactive visualisation tools in the audit process

3.3 Beyond convention: Experimental methods and approaches to performance auditing

Parallel session – After the pandemic: new opportunities arise from digitalisation

4.1 How will we audit in the future?

4.2 Overcoming the COVID-19 emergency situation: A new public procurement framework and the adaptation of SAIs to innovative working methods

4.3 Auditing crisis management

4.4 Obstacles of innovation and how to deal with them

Parallel session – Improvement by learning from others

5.1 How Datalab improves the audit profession

5.2 Hitchhiker’s guide to international comparison

5.3 Between knowledge and contrast. The role of SAIs in combatting irregularities and fraud in EU funds

Summary of the day
Transportation to Skansen, Högloftet
Dinner hosted by Auditor General Helena Lindberg

Dress code: Business, but wear comfortable shoes if you want to take a walk at Skansen, the world’s oldest open-air museum.

Transportation back to Elite Palace Hotel, Sankt Eriksgatan 115
Interview with Auditor General Helena Lindberg

Moderator: Shirin Amin, SAI Sweden

Panel discussion – How can the organisation contribute to an experimental culture?

Frida Pemer, Associate Professor at the Department of Management and Organization and House of Innovation at Stockholm School of Economics.

Michael Henderson, Partner at Distillery, coach at IDI Young Leadership Development Programme, co-founder of Gestalt Africa.

Jan Pesl, Performance Audit Adviser, SAI Norway.

Ariana Gjonbalaj, Director of the Performance Department, SAI Kosovo.

Moderator: Lovisa Ingström, SAI Sweden

What do you need to contribute to an experimental culture in your organisation?
Summary of the conference and group photo
End of conference
About The Conference
The yes conference

The Young EUROSAI (YES) conference has been held every two years since 2013. This is a great opportunity for young auditors to share new ideas and explore solutions to challenges facing supreme audit institutions today and in the future.  

YES 2022 is organised by the Swedish National Audit Office. It will include interactive workshops and lectures on various topics, held by a range of speakers in different areas of expertise. The conference will also include social activities, where participants can get acquainted with their colleagues while exploring the best of Stockholm. 

The idea for the conference was raised by a group of young people who felt that the forums for international cooperation at EUROSAI often did not include younger staff members. Younger people often have different perspectives and ideas that the older generation might  not consider, and the group felt that these ideas deserve to be heard.  

We are now planning the fifth conference, and YES has become a recognised event in the EUROSAI community for young auditors to come together and discuss proposals for their own professional development, as well as ideas to improve their organisations. 

experimental culture

The main theme of the conference is experimental culture. In a rapidly changing society, it is important that SAIs seek new methods and ways of working to stay relevant. To do so, we need to test new things, to dare, to fail, to learn and to succeed, while always being a trustworthy and independent actor.  

The conference will approach the theme from three perspectives: the audit profession, the organisational culture and the individual auditor.  

We need new professional tools and methods for auditing. Technological progress creates new risks that we need to take into account and changes how we perform our tasks. 

In order to both generate and implement new ideas, the organisational culture needs to allow innovation and creativity. The SAI leadership must involve the staff and promote modernisation of the organisation.  

As individual auditors we need to feel encouraged to share ideas and experiment. This is especially important for young auditors who may have other perspectives that can contribute to the development of the SAI. We should also be able to constantly increase our knowledge and skills throughout our career.

Young auditors

YES 2022 is a conference organised by and targeting young auditors 35 years or younger in the EUROSAI community. For the delegates, this will be an opportunity to share experiences with peers from across Europe, enhance professional growth and be inspired. 

The YES conference is an interactive event, and the participants play a big role in making it a success. Some of the activities will be organised by the delegates. This could include presenting ideas or giving other delegates an opportunity to try something new.

We hope that the conference will give participants new insights and tools that can benefit both themselves as individuals and their SAIs.  

The conference is a wonderful opportunity for young auditors to broaden their network of colleagues across Europe, to exchange tips, and discuss common challenges.  

Practical information

Practical info for your trip to the conference

Flygbuss with a plane flying over it.


  • In an emergency, dial 112.
  • Stockholm airports:
    • Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)
      We recommend taking Flygbussarna from Arlanda Airport to Elite Palace Hotel, since the bus stops very close to the hotel. A one-way ticket costs SEK 119 and the bus stop is called Norra Stationsgatan. A return (round-trip) ticket costs SEK 189. When you head back to Arlanda, cross the street from the hotel to find the bus stop. The bus departs every 15 minutes.
    • Stockholm-Bromma Airport (BMA)
    • Stockholm-Skavsta Airport (NYO)
    • Stockholm Västerås Airport (VST)
      Read more about getting to and from the different airports here
  • Bring your debit or credit card. There's no need to exchange a lot of currency – Stockholm is a virtually cash-free city and many restaurants, shops, and hotels do not accept cash at all. Therefore, don't forget to bring your debit or credit card.
  • Littering is prohibited and can lead to fines of SEK 800.
  • Smoking in public areas is prohibited. Public areas include outdoor cafés, at entrances and on platforms for public transport. This applies to all types of smoking, such as cigarettes, cigarillos, e-cigarettes and IQOS.
Girl riding electric scooter


  • The weather in Stockholm varies a lot. On an average day in September, the temperature can vary between 5 and 25 degrees. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress accordingly. It may rain.
  • Easy to get around using public transport. Getting around town is easy when you use the subway You can purchase a single ticket, a day ticket or a multi-day ticket at or at the station ticket booth. The ticket is also valid on buses, commuter trains, trams, and some boats.
  • E-scooters are everywhere. There are electric scooters and bicycles readily available to rent all around Stockholm. Popular brands include Voi, Bolt, Bird, and Tier. Download the company’s app to read the rules and rent a scooters.
  • Stand on the right in escalators. When taking an escalator, it is customary to stay to the right to let people in a hurry climb past you on the left. Of course, this is not mandatory, but it's an easy way to keep the locals happy.
  • Everyone speaks English. Swedes start studying English in school before the age of 10, and we never miss a chance to practice. In fact, it's often said that we love speaking English so much, that people who move here find it hard to learn Swedish.
  • Admission is free at many museums. Since 2016, state-owned museums in Sweden have free admission. However, temporary exhibitions at the museums may have an entry fee for adults. Here is a list of free museums in Stockholm.
  • Systembolaget has a monopoly on the sale of alcoholic beverages. If you want to buy a bottle of wine or liquor outside a bar or restaurant, you need to head to government-owned Systembolaget. And plan your weekend drinking ahead – the stores close early in the afternoon on Saturdays and don’t open at all on Sundays and on public holidays. Be prepared to show your ID. Systembolaget is not allowed to sell to people below 20 – but anyone can be asked to show their ID and might get refused service if they cannot show it.
  • Explore the city on foot. Stockholm is built on a series of islands connected by bridges. Instagram-worthy views are everywhere, and the best way to catch them while discovering the city is on foot. So, pack your best walking shoes and a portable charger!

The conference team’s guide to Stockholm

People eating at a restaurant.

Eating out

  • Tranan – a real Stockholm classic. It opened in the 1920s and serves Swedish traditional cuisine and excellent wine. Their meatballs are a must!
  • Supper – innovative tapas-style dishes with South American flavours. Great for both small and large groups since the tasty food and bar are both located in the centre of the restaurant.
  • Tennstopet – offers timeless Swedish home cooking and other Swedish traditional dishes. When you want to eat food from the past that is equally delectable today.
  • Rolfs Kök – a menu that follows the seasons. You can choose everything from oysters and escargot to tender meat and seared tuna. 
  • Knut – A small chain of restaurants in Stockholm that offers an authentic northern Swedish cuisine. A bit less expensive and a bit less fancy than other traditional Swedish restaurants.
  • Dirty Taco – amazing tacos on Södermalm and tasty vegetarian options. If it is fully booked, try La Olita close by.
  • Vapiano – a chain of restaurants with a modern, relaxed atmosphere that serves nice pasta and pizza.
  • Sandhäxan – a tiny place that serves the best grilled cheese sandwich ever. There is a reason for the queue outside!
  • Omnipollos Hatt – popular pizza and beer joint. NOTE, a stone’s throw from Mosebacketerassen if you want to visit both.
  • Meno Male – A trendy pizza chain.
  • Hermans – A popular vegan restaurant on Södermalm with an awesome view of the city. Located on Fjällgatan.
  • Skinnarviksberget – a lookout point on Södermalm. The rocks are a favourite picnic spot among young people and offer a spectacular view of Stockholm.
  • Fjällgatan – a perfect vantage point with a panoramic view of the city. A short walk from the Slussen subway station will bring you here. Equally beautiful in both night and day.
  • Mosebacketerassen – a bustling hangout spot where you can watch the sunset, order drinks, eat food AND play boule with a view!
  • TAK, literally means “roof” in Swedish. The bar shares an entrance with Stockholm under stjärnorna which is yet another easy-going rooftop bar.
  • ARC Rooftop (Blique by Nobis) – enjoy magical views of the city from the rooftop bar and restaurant. The terrace and outdoor bar on the roof offer a 360-degree view of Stockholm. The indoor restaurant serves dishes from across Asia. Located round the corner from your conference hotel.
  • Himlen, which means “heaven” in Swedish, offers both excellent drinks and a stunning view, in the heart of Södermalm.
  • Mälarpaviljongen – very popular and definitely worth a visit when the sun is out. Floating on pontoons, this dreamy alfresco café-bar is located along the Kungsholmen waterfront promenade.

Popular museums

  • Vasa Museum – one of Sweden’s most popular tourist attractions. The museum houses the warship Vasa, the world’s best preserved 17th century ship. Salvaged largely intact from the waters in the centre of Stockholm, the Vasa is now displayed in full splendour in the museum. Tickets are SEK 190 . This is the Auditor General of Sweden Helena Lindberg’s top tip for your visit in Stockholm.
  • Fotografiska – a popular centre for contemporary photography close to Slussen. Apart from the popular exhibitions, many people come here for the food. Tickets are cheaper online and the price ranges between SEK 150-235 depending on the time and day of your visit.
  • The Stockholm Metro is one gigantic art gallery. The Stockholm metro system is said to be the world’s longest art exhibit. Over the last few years, interest has grown so much that SL (Stockholm Public Transport) now offers free guided art tours in English all year round. All you need is a valid metro ticket.
Archipelago boat in front of the stockholm skyline.

Parks and nature

  • Fjäderholmarna – head out to the Stockholm archipelago islands only a 30-minute boat ride from downtown Stockholm. Take in the views or visit one of the very local eateries. How to get here:
    • Fjäderholmslinjen – leaves from Slussen. A one-way ticket costs SEK 115 and a return (round-trip) ticket costs SEK 175.
    • Strömma – leaves from Nybrokajen. A one-way ticket costs SEK 140.
  • Vanadislunden – close to the conference venue, this park extends up a hill where you can enjoy a view of the city’s rooftops. The park is one of north Stockholm’s characteristic hill parks, distinguished by its large trees and rolling lawns making it popular for picnics and park hangouts. The park is located 1.2 kilometres from your hotel.
  • Hagaparken – lounge in a luscious park just 2 kilometres from the conference venue. Visit the boule bar near by!
  • Vasaparken – a park in the centre of the Vasastan city district, and a meeting place for people of all ages. Eat your take-out lunch here, weather permitting.

Popular areas in Stockholm

Located on Södermalm, SoFo is a popular area of Stockholm with lots of cafés and bars where young people meet to grab a beer, a fika, or to go second-hand shopping. Here, you can get cheap drinks and maybe catch a glimpse of a Swedish celebrity.

In the Old Town, we recommend a stroll along Västerlånggatan, the popular tourist street with small shops, cafés and picturesque alleyways. Visit the SF-Bokhandeln (Science Fiction Bookstore), a must-see for fans of science fiction, fantasy or board games. At the very end of the street, you can stop for a fika at Sweden’s oldest café, Sundbergs konditori, founded in 1785.

In the main square of the Old Town, find the popular café and bakery Grillska Huset. If you want to grab a fika here, look for seats through the back of the café, in the small garden. Back in the main square, you can also find the Nobel Prize Museum, an interactive and fun museum that tells the story of all the Nobel Laureates. The Royal Palace is located nearby, not far from the the Royal Armoury which is one of the most well-liked museums in Stockholm with free admission

  • Hop-on hop-off bus – a familiar sight, this bus takes you around the city with an audio-guide tour. Visit all the major sightseeing points in a day.
  • Ocean bus – experience Stockholm from both land and water in one and the same vehicle – an amphibious bus! See the city’s attractions while the guide tells fun and interesting stories along the way.
  • Under the Bridges of Stockholm – the perfect boat sightseeing tour if you want to see Stockholm – from the water!
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